Conference Themes


1. Home Owner Driven Reconstruction and the People’s Process in practice

The following aspects will be dealt with here:

  • the People’s Process and participatory approaches,
  • inclusion and gender concerns in reconstruction,
  • cultural specificities,
  • land issues and the landless,
  • finances,
  • community infrastructure through community contracts,
  • perspectives of women, youth, village committees.

2. Ensuring integration and enabling environments

a. Essentials of an enabling environment

Will cover the aspects of:

  • governance,
  • policies,
  • transparency,
  • standards,
  • capacity,
  • role of district administrators,
  • community contracts.

b. Integrated development

Will cover the aspects of:

  • engaging stakeholders,
  • district level plans,
  • overall area planning/land use,
  • access to basic services etc.

3. Beyond Reconstruction – sustainable communities

a. Reconstructing social cohesion

Will explore post-conflict and post-disaster social cohesion issues and approaches in relation to shelter rebuilding. Could include:

  • housing reconstruction in a post-conflict setting:  perspectives from community members,
  • equity aspects,
  • strategies/good practice to enhance cohesion,
  • cultural sensitivities,
  • community contracts enhancing social linkages.

b. Safer, sustainable communities

Will cover:

  • environmental safeguards in Home Owner Driven housing,
  • environmentally-friendly construction and cost-effective methods,
  • integrating DRR into reconstruction,
  • appropriate building technologies,
  • inclusion,
  • settlement planning,
  • indirect benefits of post-disaster and post-war reconstruction.

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