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Abstracts / Posters

All India Disaster Mitigation Institute (AIDMI): Owner Driven Reconstruction: Where Women are Leaders

Basin-South Asia: Owner based processes for making development policies more responsive to housing vulnerabilities of the rural poor – efforts of civil society collectives in India

Centre for Poverty Analysis, K. Romeshun: Assessing Indebtedness: Socio Economic Study of Conflict Affected Housing Beneficiaries in Northern Province

David Evans: Post-disaster Humanitarian Action – The role of UN-Habitat

Gram Vikas: Poster: Village hit by Cyclone then Reubuilding

Habitat for Humanity Negombo Programme and Indian IDP Programme

Heritage Foundation of Pakistan: Build Back Safer with Vernacular Methodologies

Lara K. Davis: Building with Earth: Sustainable Resource Management with CSEB

Laura C. Bozzo: Poster: Two worlds? One World! People’s Process in two scenarios that are not so different

Dr Matthew Barac: Reconstruction as a process designed to piece people’s lives back together

Mona Chhabra Anand and VM Chariar: “Where are all the masons trained in disaster resilient technologies?” Reflections from Indian experiences of capacity building of masons as primary messengers of safety in the built environment

Peter Dalglish: Shelter Support for IDP and Returnee Families in Afghanistan

Vasant Pullenayegem, Practical Action: Participatory Approaches to Ensure Stakeholder Satisfaction and Construction Quality in Large Scale Housing Resettlement

Ms. Rasika Mendis: Housing policy and restitution in post conflict rehabilitation and development

Sandra D’Urzo, IFRC: Making owner-driven housing work after disasters and crisis: An IFRC perspective

Satprem Maïni: Using CSEB for Owner-Driven Reconstruction

Shailaja Fennell: Reconstruction as a form of intervention: examining the role of local institutional mechanisms in building social cohesion

ZOA: Advocating for a core, incremental building housing approach


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