The Project “Emergency Support Initiative for Green Building- based Prevention and Control Measure for Vulnerable Communities in Mullaitivu District” Closure Ceremony

11th May 2023, Mullaitivu, Sri Lanka:  The project “Emergency Support Initiatives for Green Building-based Prevention and Control Measures for Vulnerable Communities in Mullaitivu District” with the funding from Government of Japan has been implemented by UN-Habitat in Sri Lanka. The project aimed to reduce the risks associated with poor structures of houses and contributed to safer and cleaner environment during COVID-19 pandemic through green building initiatives. The project also supported the development of green building-based city resilient and adopted to the climate changes in Sri Lanka.

The project has been implemented in collaboration with the Government Agent, local government and communities on an owner-driven approach through which total of 186 solar panels were installed across Mullaitivu district ensuring access to reliable and sustainable electricity for needy households. The project also provided 186 energy efficient cooking stoves to vulnerable communities. Series of community workshops were conducted to educate the beneficiaries on the benefits and efficient use of the solar panels and stoves, promoting environmentally friendly approaches and sustainable cooking practices.

The project has positively impacted people’s life in various areas including economy improvement, safer environment, and longer study hours to the children.

To commemorate the successful completion of the project, Project Closure Ceremony was held on 11 May 2023 at the Mullaitivu District Secretariat. The ceremony was attended by Government Agent, Mullaitivu Mr. K. Vimalanthan, local government officials, UN-Habitat Programme Management Officer for south Asia, Mr. Salem Karimzada, UN-Habitat Project Manager Mr. Aleem, Community Based Organization and beneficiaries.

Both Government Agent Mr. K. Vimalanthan and UN-Habitat Programme Management Officer Mr. Karimzada highlighted the project achievements and expressed their gratitude to the people and government of Japan for generous funding to the project.