The Sustainable Cities Programme (SCP)

SCP is a joint UN-Habitat/UNEP facility for building capacities in urban environmental planning and management. The programme is founded on broad-based cross-sectoral and stakeholder participatory approaches. It contributes to promoting urban environmental governance processes, as a basis for achieving sustainable urban growth and development.

The SCP supported 20 main demonstration and 25 replicating cities around the world. Following Sri Lanka’s commitment at 1996 Habitat II City Summit held in Istanbul, Colombo, Sri Lanka’s commercial capital, was the fist city considered for development under this programme. 18 cities and towns have benifited from its sub projects.

Urban Governance Support Project
Access to Basic Urban Services in Municipalities in Sri Lanka

The SCP Promoted

  • Sharing environment-development information and expertise
  • Understanding and accepting environment-development interaction
  • Building environmental planning and management capacities
  • Promoting system wide decision-making
  • Stakeholder based development prioritization, strategy and action planning
  • Managing environmental resources and risks for achieving sustainable development
  • Leveraging resources for lasting change
  • Building inter-agency partnerships, facilitating global exchange of experiences and know-how

City Profiles

City Profiles were developed for the following cities, and are downloadable here: