Lunawa Lake Environment & community Development

Funded by: JBIC; US 214,234


Lunawa is a biologically dead lake and a polluted canal network; this environmentally degraded area undergoes floods regularly, which affect around 18,000 households.


The objective of the project is to mitigate flood damage by improving urban drainage and canal systems, and at the same time improve the living conditions of project affected households. UN-Habitat is responsible for implementing the Community Development Component, through advisory services to the Urban Settlements Improvement Project Unit of the Ministry of Urban Development and Water Supplies and the Urban Local Authorities (ULAs).


  • Social marketing, development of a Resettlement Strategy and Policy and a programme for Participatory Resettlement of PAPs
  • Upgrading of Under-served Settlements and Sustainable Community Infrastructure Improvements
  • Strengthening of Community Institutional Capacity
  • Integrated Solid Waste Management
  • Facilitate Partnerships among Stakeholders in Development
  • Establishment of grievance redress mechanisms
  • Restoring income sources through livelihood development programmes


  • Developed and implemented a resettlement program, translating the National Involuntary Resettlement Policy into practice for the first time in a complex urban context.
  • Successfully made ‘Project Affected Persons’ (PAPs) the real beneficiary partners of the project, setting a role model for consultative resettlement programmes.
  • Developed a Resettlement Policy, Participatory Resettlement Strategy and Process and Activity Plans, and put them into practice.
  • Developed PAP Entitlement Packages, offering alternate options in consultation with all stakeholders.
  • Prepared resettlement sites, layout plans & house designing in consultation with PAPs.
  • Developed and implemented guided resettlement programmes tailored to suit various PAP categories.
  • Developed and implemented a Livelihood and Income Restoration Program in consultation with affected PAPs.
  • Established partnerships with two Municipal Councils to take a lead role in implementing the up-grading component.

Innovative Approaches for Involuntary Resettlement : Lunawa Environmental Improvement & Community Development Project (PDF)