Japanese Funded (Galle, Kattankudy, Batticaloa, Jaffna & Killinochchi)

Funded by: Government of Japan; US $ 3,000,000


  • Galle — 701 houses
  • Batticoloa — 158 Houses
  • Kattankudy — 238 houses
  • Jaffna — 40 houses
  • Killinochchi — 43 houses


The objectives of the Project range from immediate assistance to communities and local governments to restart functioning speedily and to assist communities to rebuild their infrastructure and housing to begin normal life as soon as possible enabling them to recover from the trauma of tsunami. The project is providing support to remove debris, salvage material , rebuild and repair their houses as well as repairing essential community infrastructure and services so that basic services and housing become available as soon as possible. One of the key component of the project is the support to mobilize and organize the communities , so the affected people set their own reconstruction priorities as well as shape the content of the assistance packages. The specific project objectives includes the following.

  1. Enabling traumatized communities , in particular women and children , rebuild their social capital through the organization of representative bodies with the capacity to take decisions regarding their own rebuilding process.
  2. Enabling the target communities to rebuild essential physical facilities including shelter so that they can restart functioning as normal communities.
  3. Helping to create employment from the investment of the rebuilding process as a way of contributing to the recovery of the local economy.
  4. Promoting people’s engagement in the reconstruction as way of rebuilding shattered communities and recovery of the local economy.


  1. Mobilization of affected communities
  2. Organising Community Development Councils
  3. Conducting Community Action Planning
  4. Community Contracting to rebuild housing and infrastructure
  5. Restoring livelihood through savings and credit


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