Italian Funded (Hambantota, Kalmunai, Kalutara/Panadura)

Funded by: Government of Italy; US $ 1,808,000


  • Hambantota — 218 Housesitaly_small
  • Kalmunai — 100 Houses
  • Kalutara — 100 Houses


The project aims to re-establish a self sustaining community for vulnerable families affected by the tsunami through the building of physical and social infrastructure and housing. Through involving them in the rebuilding process it helps them return to realms of normalcy, enabling them to recover from the trauma of the tsunami.

  1. In Hambantota 218 Families will be assisted; 157 will be resettled in newly-built houses in a community complete with a community center, dispensary, play ground, child care center and a pre school. Another 61 families already settled in the same community are assisted in upgrading their housing.
  2. A Communities own Banking system through a savings and credit cooperative will be established to ensure economic stability and opportunities for entrepreneurship. The project also aims assist the 218 families to rebuild their livelihood by providing vocational and entrepreneurship training by offering cash and material assistance
  3. With new funding the project this project has extended to provide housing and similar beifits to another 200 Famillies; 100 in Kalmunai(Onsite New Houses 50 each at Marathamunai and Pandirippu)and 100 in Kalutara.


  1. Mobilization of affected communities
  2. Organising Community Development Councils
  3. Conducting Community Action Planning
  4. Community Contracting to rebuild housing and infrastructure
  5. Restoring livelihood through savings and credit


  • Hambantota (Udakandara)
    • Relocation — 157 Houses — complete
    • Upgarding — 61 Houses — Complete
  • Kalmunai — 100 (Onsite New Houses 50 each at Marathamunai and Pandirippu) — Complete
  • Kalutara — 100 ) — Complete
    • Relocation — 20 Houses, Weragamawatta (Panadura) — Complete
    • Onsite reconstruction — 35 Houses, Payagala — Complete
    • Upgrading — 45 Houses, Payagala — Complete