BASF Funded (Galle Fish Market / Restaurant complex)

Funded by: BASF Aktiengesellschaft – Germany ; US $ 500,000


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The project under the theme of rebuilding essential physical facilities, aims to construct a new Fish market and restaurant complex in Galle Town to replace the Tsunami-destroyed Fish Market. The aim of the project is to empower Tsunami stricken Fisher folk and vendors by rebuilding the fish market and introducing new facets to their business, as well as new technology to enhance their livelihoods; This investment is expected to serve as a catalyst to create employment, support the local fishing fleet, promote tourism and eventually enhance the well being of the fishing community. The project strives to;

  1. Supporting the local fishing fleet, and recreating livelihoods for local fishermen and seafood traders;
  2. Creating livelihoods in restaurant management and hospitality industry;
  3. Building local capacities in new building technologies.


Fish Market reconstruction has been completed and has been handed over to the Galle Municipality / Fisher Folk.