Space to Learn: Improving the Learning Environment in Mannar District

This publication highlights the key achievements of the project “Sustainable Resettlement through Community-Driven Improvement of the Learning Environment in Mannar District, Sri Lanka” implemented through a participatory people’s process from 2015 -2017. Through this project, UN-Habitat supported the construction and improvement of learning facilities in 25 schools in Mannar district with funding from the Government

Good Practices and Lessons Learned in Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Sri Lanka

When three decades of conflict ended in May 2009 in Sri Lanka, approximately 450,000 people had been displaced, with many having to rebuild their lives following the destruction of homes, villages and livelihoods. The Post-Conflict Reconstruction Programme in the Northern and Eastern Provinces, implemented by UN-Habitat from 2010-2016, provided numerous opportunities as well as challenges

Indian Housing Project: Rebuilding Homes, Transforming Lives.

Three decades of conflict resulted in severe damage and destruction to houses and infrastructure facilities in the North and East of Sri Lanka. Unable to recover from major financial shocks due to poverty and years of displacement, the majority of families were incapable of rebuilding their damaged houses. From 2012, the Government of India funded

Community Spirit: Rebuilding Community Infrastructure in the North and East of Sri Lanka

As a result of the protracted conflict in Sri Lanka, much of the infrastructure in the North and East was either badly damaged or completely destroyed. Upon their eventual return, internally displaced people possessed little financial and other resources and as a consequence, were incapable of rebuilding the damaged facilities. Implemented by UN-Habitat and the Swiss Agency for Development

RETURNING HOME: Supporting Conflict Affected People through Housing

After thirty years of conflict in Sri Lanka, when internally displaced families returned to their villages, they found their homes badly damaged or destroyed beyond repair. Lacking financial resources of their own, many families were unable to rebuild. For years, they lived in temporary shelters that offered little protection from the elements. This book is a pictorial journey

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