State of Sri Lankan Cities Report-Multimedia

Video: Urban Sprawl and Compact Cities

Urban sprawl is one of the key challenges facing Sri Lankan cities today. This video highlights the issues of sprawl such as rapid land consumption, longer travel times for commuters, and increased vulnerability to natural disasters. It introduces the concept of “compact cities”, which are high-density and cover a small area, as an antidote to ...

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Achieving the SDGs in Sri Lanka’s urban areas.

The Government of Sri Lanka is committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But what does this mean for Sri Lanka’s cities? This video highlights the importance of Sri Lanka’s Cities in achieving the SDGs and the vital need to conserve green and public spaces in urban areas. It also highlights that action is ...

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Is Sri Lanka one of the Least Urbanised Countries on Earth?

Population data suggests that Sri Lanka is one of the least urbanised countries on earth. However, recent spatial analysis challenges this representation, suggesting rapid urban expansion in peripheral areas is not captured in population statistics. UN-Habitat is currently assessing the spatial dynamics of Sri Lanka’s urbanisation. The analysis is being conducted across the country’s 9 ...

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